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Intra Ocular Lenses | PMMA Lenses| AC IOL


Polymethoxy metha acrylic IOL to be implanted in anterior chamber of eye.

Technical Details

Most of our lenses are Produced with 1:1 Anterior to Posterior Curvature ratio. This "Equiconvex" design Permits the thinnest possible lenses, which will provide outstanding optical imaging with less Spherical aberration than conventional IOL.

AC 13 UV
Optic 6.0 mm.
Diametra 12.5 mm.
Lens Model AC 13 UV
Modified Kelman Multiflex, 00 Angulation
Equiconvex/Bioconvex Holes 0
Diopters 10 to 30
"A" Constant 115.1
Model with "UV2" is with Two holes & Model with UV is without hole.
CB 143 UV, CB 133 UV & CB132 UV are available without holes.
Diopters available in 0.5 increments from +8.0 to +30.0.
Special features can be implemented on request.
-5 to +8 Diopters are also available in certain One Piece style.
All "A" Constant & "AC" Depths are estimated value & not based on clinical Data.
Three piece PMMA lOLs are also available.