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Nature's Own Light Filter

GenNext aspheric Foldable IOL is made from Natural Yellow material having a special monomer containing the identical chromophore present in the human crystalline lens. Natural Yellow is the first IOL material to incorporate the same UV-A blocking and violet light filtering chromophore that is in the human crystalline lens. The approach, to UV blockers and violet filters is to use nature's own solutions to the problem of protecting the retina from harmful energetic light. This proprietary natural light filtering material is named as "Natural Yellow".

Technical Details

GenNext Aspheric Foldable IOL with Natural Yellow is superior to other yellow IOL available in the market because it protects the retina without blocking needed blue light. Blue blocking IOL reduces low light contrast senitivity as well as color perception. These capabilities are critically needed for optimum vision, particularly at night. GenNext Aspheric Foldable IOL with Natural Yellow achieves complete natural protection without loss of contrast sensitivity or color perception. The human retina has already been specified the exact chromophore it needs for the protection from energetic light through millions of years evolution and that is exactly the chromophore we deliver to our customers, in GenNext Natural Yellow IOL.

Zero Technology Ultra Pure Monomer
GenNext Foldable lens is produced from a raw material that is so pure that the methacrylic acid content is difficult to even measure. Zero ionicity IOL provides a further degree of Quality Assurance by eliminating the possibility of calcium phosphate particles appearing over the time in the ordinay polymer matrix.

Optic Design Aspheric/Double Square Edge 1 Biconvex
Optic Diameter 6.0 mm
Overall Length 12.5 mm
HapticAngle 00 , Elastic band design
A-Constant 118.2
Diopter Range 8 to 30 (in 0.5 increment in D+ 18 to 25)
Water Content 25% BENZ
Aberration correcting aspheric foldable lens.
Natural Yellow - protects retina without blocking needed blue light.
Innovative double edge lens, minimize the chance of PCO.
Elastic band design of haptics assured postoperative stability.
Improved contrast sensitivity, preserving depth of field.