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Innova SQ


OMNl offer aspheric intraocular lenses with negative spherical aberration (-SA) in UVA blockers and violet-blue filter. In general , Intraocular Lenses can be manufactured with negative spherical aberration (-SA) or free of any spherical aberration (SA=o) or positive spherical aberration (+SA). Spherical aberration has an impact on loss of constrast sensitivity and vision acuity.

Hybrid Acrylic Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic Material
Aspheric Optic Aberration Correcting Optics
360o Sq. Edge Minimize the chance of PC0
Step vault haptic 5 Degree Angulation
MICS - IOL Can be implanted through less than 2.2mm incision

• Manufactured from patented acrylic copolymer material imported from USA.
• Unique combination of Hydrophilic(HEMA) & Hydrophobic (EOEMA) material
• Low Water base contents (25%). result in a Zero ionicity polymer
• No Calcium deposition having 11 years track record about the material
• 3600Square Edge Optic,prevents PCO.
• Eliminates the problem of Edge glare, Glistening, Vacuoles-Advance Technology.
• 100% Yag Compatible.
• Can be implanted through an incision as small as 1.8 to 2.2 mm. True Microsurgery.

Technical Details

The standard spherical IOL with SA>0
The IOL has a positive power and a spherical surface and thus has positive SA, which when added to the positiGe aberrations induced by the cornea leaves the eye with a high amount ofpositive SA.
Aspheric IOL with SA=0
The IOL leaves the pseudophakic eye with a modest amount of residual positive SA. This has an impact on contrast sensitivity.
Aspheric IOL with SA<0
This kind of IOL's have a negative spherical aberration (-SA) so that is offsets all or part of positive SA of the average cornea.
OMNI manufactures all aspheric IOL with negative spherical aberration (-SA) so that is offsets most of the SA of the cornea to get the best vision acuity and contrast with modest depth of focus.
Spherical Aberration (SA) Cornea Total SA Image Sharpness Depth of focus
Standerd IOL SA>0 + + ++ Poor +
Aspheric IOL SA=0 0 + + Good +
Aspheric IOL SA<0 - + 0 Excellent 0
Material Hybrid Acrylic (HEMAJEOEMA)
Lens Model SQA6OO ASP (UV Absorbing materiel)
Optic Style BI-convex (Clear Aspheric)
Optic Size 6.0 mm
Diameter 13.00 mm
Haptic Style Modified C loop, Step Vault 5 degree Angulations
"A" Constant 118.2
Diopter +5.0 to +30.00, where +15 to +26 in 0.5 increment
Refractive Index 1.462 Hydrated

Dimension 6.00mm/12.50mm
Lens Model SQFL6OO
Material Benz 25% Acrylic Copolymer (Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic).
Refractive Index 1.4626(When hyfrated)
PCO Protection Double Square Edge/ 0 degree angulation haptics.
Power Range +8.0 to +25.0 (Below D.+8 & above D+25 can be manufactured on demand)
A. Constant 118.2
Theoretical ACD 5.26 (Surgeon factor 1.51)
Optic type Bio convex