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Ophthalmic Consumables | Iris Retractor
Iris Retractor


The flexible Iris Retractor enables the mechanical dilation of the pupil where dilation can not be achieved pharmacologically. It is a simple, safe & fast alternative to reduce the sugical time. The flexible lris Retractor stretches and retains the iris for maximum visibility during surgical procedures like phacoemuIsification, retina & vitreous surgery. It can be safely used in aphakic, pseudophakic and phakic eyes.

The lris Retractor consists of a flexible hook made up of bright blue polypropylene monofilament which reduces iris trauma and adjustable silicon stopper provides superior grip and allows adjustment of pupil size.

Technical Details

• FDA approved material.
• Better visibility (Bright Blue colour).
• Easy grip lock, which helps in controlled manipulation of the hook in the anterior chamber during insertion & removal.
• Blunt Tip to prevent accidential damage to the anterior capsule.

Images and Videos

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