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Intra Ocular Lenses | Multifocal Lens | Diffractive | Revive
Revive Multifocal IOL


Unique design of multifocal IOL offers restoration of accomodation and guarantee to correct higher order aberrations without depending on ciliary body function or other capsular mechanics. It is made up of Natural yellow material, which is very close to natural crystalline lens with incorporated UV-A blocking and violet light filtering chromophores.

Technical Details

Revive Multifocal IOL
Material Hybrid Acrylic (HEMA / EOEMA)
Model SQFL600DF
Optic Style BI-Convex (Diffractive Multifocal)
Optic Size 6.00 MM
Diametral 12.50 MM
Haptic Style Flex loop
"A" Constant 118.2
Diopters +15 to +25 with 0.5 increment.
Refractive Index 1.462 Hydrated

Images and Videos

Comming Soon!!
Comming Soon!!