Our Team

Mr. Bhanu Prasad Patel

Founder & Chairman

The late Mr. Bhanu Prasad Patel worked tirelessly his entire life to see OMNI shine like a shining star. He was the chairman of Omni Lens (a part of the BGP group of companies), and Mr. B.G. Patel was the visionary behind BGP Group. He played an active role in all of the group companies activities related to their growth and development. Apart from this, he played an active role in the CSR activities that are still carried out by BGP Group and was also a well-known name in the banking and real estate business.

Mr. Ravi Srivastava

CEO & Director

+91 95588 11385

Mr. Ravi Srivastava is CEO of the company. He is a postgraduate with successful experience of over 26 years in pharmaceutical sales and marketing.
For the last 16 years, he has been focused on ophthalmic pharmaceuticals and medical devices for domestic and international businesses. His key focus areas are the identification of new markets and products and global business development.

Mr. Hemang Patel


Mr. Hemang Patel is the vice chairman of the company. He has an MBA in finance. Since the inception of OMNI Lens in 1994, his role in the company has been the development of the product portfolio. Always working to expand the company’s product range, his primary focus is procuring the latest technologies from around the world.

Mr. Hemal Patel


Mr. Hemal Patel is a postgraduate in commerce and has 22 years of wide experience in the ophthalmic field. Since the inception of the ophthalmic division, he has been looking after sales and marketing of medical devices within and outside India. He is President of the Gujarat Ophthalmic Manufacturing and Trader Associations (GOMTA) and an Executive Committee Member of the Indian Ophthalmic Manufacturer and Trader Associations (IOMTA).

Mr. Shivdas Warier


Mr. Shivdas Warier is the vice president of the company. He is a law graduate and has been involved in export and import activities for the last 30 years. He has been associated with our company for many years and focuses on strategy and implementation programmes for the development of international and domestic businesses.

Mrs. Paulomi Lashkari


Mrs. Paulomi is a model woman director who recently won an award in the small-sector manufacturing category. She handles the manufacturing plant and its related activities.