• OMNI EDOVue is based on hybrid refractive platform which provides continuous range of vision from distance to near seamlessly.
  • The elongated focus which is induced from the center to 1.5mm gives an enhanced intermediate vision as well as functional near vision while minimally affecting the distant vision. Moreover, it eliminates over lapping of the near and far images caused by traditional multifocal lenses and thus eliminates the "HALO" effect.
  • Made using one of the world’s most premium Natural Yellow co-polymer (HEMA+EOEMA) acrylic material, import from Benz Research & Development, USA.

EDOVue - Specification

Model YSQQ600TF
Material Hybrid Acrylic with Natural Yellow
UV Cutoff < 2% @400 nm
Optic Type Blended Aspheric Profile EDOF Optic till 1.5mm
Dimension Ø 6.0mm (Optic) Ø 11.0mm (Overall)
Add/EDOF +3.0 D(Nominal value)
Haptic Angle/Style 0° / Quadra Loop – Single Piece
Diopter -20.00 to +45.00 D, in 0.5 increment
Refractive Index/ACD 1.46/5.08
Ultra Sound A. Constant SRK T : 118.0
Optical A. Constant* SRK II : 118.15
SRK T : 118.4
Hoffer Q : pACD – 5.082
Haigis: a0, a1, a2 : 0.779, 0.400, 0.100
Dipoter Range +10.0 D to +30.0 D (+18.0 D to +25.0 D in 0.5 Increment)
Incision Size ≥ 2.2 mm (wound assisted technique)
Serialization Steam