Surgical Sterile Drapes

We understand that the risk of infection increases when strike-through occurs anywhere within the sterile field, not just in the traditional critical zone.

Ophthalmic procedures are carried out under local anaesthesia and therefore the drapes used need to be lightweight and comfortable for the patient. OMNI ophthalmic drapes are made from a lightweight and breathable material that allows fluid to run away from the operative site into specifically designed fluid collection pouches, ensuring the drapes remain dry and the patient is comfortable.
OMNI ophthalmic drapes with effective fluid control provide efficient infection control and allow for rapid application for short procedures, as well as comfort for patients during local
anaesthesia procedures.

We offer a comprehensive range of ophthalmic eye drapes, made from quality materials to offer complete protection during surgery and operation. These are used extensively for covering the body parts except the eye area during operation. These are highly beneficial for keeping the rest of body parts clean, thus helping to reduce the chances of eye infection.

Main designs of OMNI ophthalmic drapes

  • Cataracts
  • Major eye surgery
  • Squints
  • Eye Drape Plain with drain pouch & eye lid holders
  • Eye Drape with attached drain pouch
  • Incise drape Mini / Small
  • Eye Drape Poly with Drain Pouch & Eye lid holders
  • Minor Drape Plain
  • Plain Towel
  • Trolley Cover
  • Eye Wipes
  • Ophthalmology Set : The items contained in this set include an opthalmology drape with Fenestration & surrounding fluid Collection Bag as well as table cover.

For Export Only Not For Domestic Sell