Scleral Tuck IOL


Scleral Tuck IOL with aspheric optic

Self Sustaining “Scleral Tuck IOL”


  • No Suture, No Glue, Self Sustaining : This a major Breakthrough in surgical implantation of scleral fixated IOLs. As name says, it is self-sustaining. There is no need of non-reusable materials like suture or glue.
  • Simple in design.
  • Easy to implant.
  • Foldable : It can be implanted from clear corneal phaco main port also.
  • Minimal Learning Curve : Any one with knowledge of anterior vitrectomy can do it.
  • No need of sutures or glue, so it is cost effective.
  • Larger Optic : Which is large enough to cover even a mesopic pupil & even in a case of misalignment of sclerotomies.
  • Haptics have 4 point fixations, so minimal pseudophacodonesis.
  • Flipper is rigid to stay in the position for longer time.
  • Less surgical time, less corneal damage, hence good post op out come.
*The above mentioned A. Constant is estimated value and not based up on clinical data.


Lens Type Acrylic Lens
Length 14.00 mm
Width 6.50 mm
Haptic Angle 0/5
A Constant 118.2
Position Holes 2
Patent No 300264